do something.

why should anyone else get to decide what she does with her body, her future, her life?


SheDecides is a global political movement with community support to promote, provide, protect and enhance the fundamental rights of every girl and woman.

Together, we stand up, speak out; change the rules and unlock resources to create a new normal: where every girl and every woman can decide what happens to her body. Without question.

Read and sign the manifesto here to join the movement.




Already, there are governments, organisations, public figures and individuals across the world who believe that, of course, she should decide. However, there are still far too many who do not take action that respects her right to decide. 

We invite you to stand up, to speak out and publicly express your support for SheDecides to create the new normal: where every girl and every woman can decide what happens to her body. Without question.

Everyone can be a part of the effort to raise awareness, to educate and to inspire others to also stand up and speak out.

You can demonstrate your support of SheDecides and the movement in many ways, such as actions like these:

- Announce your support for the movement through a web story and/or press release.
Download a template here. 

- Host the manifesto or a SheDecides badge on your website or social media profiles.
Download the graphics here.

-Add to your email signature 'SheDecides. Without Question.'
Download SheDecides email signature here.

- Start a conversation (straight up and simple!)
Download a conversation starter cheat sheet including 'real talk' with simple terms and stats. 

-Tell everybody on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram that you believe every girl and every woman should be free by saying #SheDecides
Download social media prompts here.

-Artistic? Illustrators, musicians, producers, filmmakers, animators, performers, poets, writers, painters - and anything else in between - can use art to amplify the message and engage others to realise that yes, She Decides.

-Share information, data, evidence, stories, learnings about what happens when girls and women do decide – and examples of when they are blocked from deciding for themselves.

Got a story to tell? Unfortunately, millions of girls and women are still prevented from making decisions about their bodies – and these stories must be shared for the world to take notice. There are also plenty of tales of courage, progress and success – and these, too, must be amplified to give others hope that they can also achieve change. If you, or someone you know, has a story to tell please do get in touch. 

change the rules

When you stand up, speak out – you can help push to change the rules that prevent her from deciding about her body.

Laws, policies and (technical) guidelines and rules need to be right to enable girls and women to decide. Some countries have more progressive laws than others, for example, around safe abortion, sexuality education, contraception and gender-based violence, but good laws do not automatically lead to good implementation. Many people can play a role in getting this right: parliamentarians, ministers and policy-makers. 

Every day people and civil society organisations can do their part by calling for change, by supporting policy-makers when they are working on improvements and by keeping a close watch on how laws and policies are actually implemented.

- Write to your local Member of Parliament or community leader to push for change. Download template letter here.

Want to know more about the technical details? Visit the FAQs. 

unlock resources

It costs money to ensure that girls and women everywhere have access to the right information and a full range of services, so that they can decide what to do with their bodies. There are also other resources needed: technical resources (like new contraceptives that women can administer themselves) and human resources (like making sure that teachers are well trained to teach girls and boys about sexuality).

Governments can show their commitment to the goals of SheDecides by making sure that the full range of services, information and activities needed for their girls and women are funded in their national budgets. 

Donor governments, foundations and private companies should also allocate enough funding to make sure that countries and organisations that are aiming to provide the full range of services and activities are not limited by lack of cash

Individuals, collectives or other groups, small companies and organisations can contribute by donating via Rutgers or can directly support an organisation that advocates for and supports girls and women with a full range of services - especially those who have stood up against the Global Gag Rule and have had their funding cut.

Get inspired by other Friends of SheDecides here.

Download the SheDecides Action Toolkit here.

Download printable version of SheDecides information postcard here

Download SheDecides manifesto (postcard size) here

Download A4 Resource for 2017 AU/EU Summit here