Q: How will SheDecides support girls and women to have access to the services they need?

Through raising our voices and demanding change SheDecides is working to increase political support for sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to remove the barriers that get in the way of health care. The groundswell in support, funding and commitment aims to create a different world, a new normal where girls and women have control over their bodies, their futures and their lives.

In order to create that overall goal, collectively as Friends and Champions we will need to:

·         Stand up and speak out: change the narrative and engage in positive conversations about sexual and reproductive health and rights; be counted as the majority we are.

·         Change the rules: advocate for and enact just laws and effective policies; hold those who are responsible for implementation to account.

·         Unlock resources: allocate enough money in country, donor and foundation budgets, so that every girl and woman can access the information, contraception and safe abortion services she needs.