International Day of the Girl - 11 october

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Coming up on 11 October, get ready to stand up, speak out to mark the International Day of the Girl Child. Friends of SheDecides are encouraged to seize the moment on social media to magnify the message of the movement. Feel free to use any of these tweets, and download any of the images below for use!

- Without quality sex education & without the power to decide, girls & young women face a world that wastes their potential. Sign our Manifesto to create a new normal, one where SheDecides: #dayofthegirl

- Women & girls who can’t decide about their bodies don’t have the power to engage fully in the economy. Many marry young, have more children and are left reliant on men. Change this, sign our manifesto: #dayofthegirl

- Today, we commit to a world that realises the potential of girls, that gives them the power to decide what they do with their bodies & their futures. Create change, sign our manifesto:  #dayofthegirl

- Respecting her rights improves her health, life and future. But it goes beyond her, it benefits her family, community, country & the world. Support her ability to decide, sign our manifesto:  #dayofthegirl

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IDGC 2.png