Women Talk About Sex...Get Over It


Location: Raasta, Green Park, New Delhi, India

Date: 7 March 2018   Facebook event here

Love Matters India believes in enabling spaces for young people to have open, honest and non-judgmental conversations around love, sex and relationships so they can make informed choices about their sexual well-being, and have healthier and happier relationships. 

To mark SheDecides Day, International Women's Day and the launch of SheDecides India, Love Matters India celebrated with the theme "Women talk about sex...get over it!". The event aimed to normalise the fact that women can and do talk about sex, pleasure, desire, pain, love, loss, and relationships.

The event included an open-mic for all women, regardless of their class, caste, sexual orientation, etc. to share their experiences, struggles, and wins related to talking about sex across diverse settings and spaces, using different formats including spoken word, storytelling, art, dance, etc.