Q: is shedecides just a reaction to president trump?

The spark for the SheDecides movement was the anger and the indignation triggered by the reinstatement and drastic expansion of the Global Gag Rule- and it would be a mistake to limit SheDecides to just that. While it was that gut feeling of anger and frustration at what was expected in terms of attack on women’s reproductive rights that led to millions of women, men, families to participate in the Women’s Marches, SheDecides is actually much broader than just that one moment and that one government.

SheDecides is about all of us who want to see a world where women and girls are free: free from oppression, free form force, and free to make their own choices about their future. While the Global Gag Rule is an immediate threat to that (and yes, it must be dealt with), it is not the only policy or law that must change. In a lot of countries and a lot of places there is rising opposition to the idea that women and girls can decide what happens to their bodies and lives. Many governments have laws and policies in place that prevent girls and women from making the choices that are right for them. We are seeing increasingly vocal, fringe and extreme perspectives undermining the rights of women and girls. This is a global problem with many local manifestations. Women and girls and their families around the world have been denied life-saving services before Trump, and will face barriers and challenges after he leaves office.