Unlock Resources.


We unlock the sustained, reliable resources necessary for women and girls around the world to exercise all their rights and access all of the services and support they need.


The needs are clear. The essential services are known and costed – and when delivered they will also help to achieve broader goals, including universal health coverage. Yet resources are not currently available because not enough priority is given to these services and rights, and because political ideologies and rigid social norms stand in the way.

Governments can meet their responsibilities to dedicate more resources for this work, at home and in other places, and to invest in the well-being of the women and girls they serve. We also aim to inspire more investment from foundations, businesses and others. And we will press for resources to be used well: linked together, and tracked by others to hold policy makers accountable for achieving a world where SheDecides.


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Badi sex worker Sunchi,25 (right) , with friends Manisha,25 (left) and Binita, 29 (centre). The three girls are all working in the sex trade and have arrived at an FPAN clinic for a medical check up.