Q: What is the role of the SheDecides Support Unit?

To make sure that SheDecides grows as a movement that leads to lasting change in people’s lives, a small support unit was created in mid-2017. The role of the SheDecides Support Unit is to nurture the development of the SheDecides movement and support Friends and Champions to speak out and advocate for the rights of girls and women.

The SheDecides Support Unit helps catalyse and grow the movement to achieve its objectives. This includes connecting and communicating, sharing information, providing ideas for how to take action and amplifying best practices.

The SheDecides Support Unit supports Friends and Champions to push governments and other donors to increase the amount of money they put towards creating a world where SheDecides. But the SDSU does not control any funding and is not a grant-giving mechanism. Neither does the SheDecides Support Unit provide health information or refer girls and women to specific health care providers or help solve individual problems.