Q: Who manages the fundraising and where does the money go?

The private fundraising accounts of SheDecides are managed by Rutgers, an internationally operating NGO on sexual and reproductive health and rights, based in the Netherlands. Rutgers has the ANBI status issued by the Internal Revenue Service and holds certificates by the Central Bureau of Fundraising (CBF) and the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO). All funds will fully and directly be channelled to the affected organisations. These organisations will deliver certified audit reports to account for their expenses. The reports will be published on the Rutgers website annually. 

These funds support organisations that do not sign the Global Gag Rule so that they can:

  • Keep health clinics open in communities
  • Provide a full range of sexual and reproductive health services to people who need it
  • Advocate for law and policy reforms

All funds will be distributed to organisations affected by the Global Gag Rule. These will need to meet certain criteria in order qualify for funding from SheDecides, which is outlined in detail on the Rutgers website.