Q: Who manages the fundraising and where does the money go?

There are two types of fundraising under the banner of SheDecides. Firstly, Governments and donors have been increasing their financing for those organisations that have been affected by the Global Gag Rule and other US funding cuts and other issues central to the SheDecides agenda, such as comprehensive sexuality education and access to safe abortion. 

Individuals have also been donating in the name of SheDecides through a crowdfunding mechanism operated by Rutgers. Immediately after the start of SheDecides in January 2017, Rutgers, a Dutch NGO whose core mission it is to promote the right to decide, set up a crowdfunding site here. In one year, about €500,000 was donated by individuals and small foundations, which was allocated to the Reproductive Health Network in Kenya.

It is not possible for organisations affected by the Global Gag Rule or other US funding cuts to apply for funding directly through Rutgers, or through the SheDecides Support Unit. SheDecides is not a fund.