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25×25 storm the stage

6th March 2019

At the flagship event in Kathmandu, Nepal, the “25x25” were revealed to the world and they did it with style.
The “25x25” are 25 25-year olds, from 25 different countries, with lots to say about what has happened in the 25 years since the landmark International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994. Hailing from Argentina, Australia, Bhutan, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Ireland, Kenya, Lebanon, Lesotho, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, the Philippines, Portugal, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, the USA and Zimbabwe, these dynamic young women, men and trans persons have much to say: about how ICPD has made the world a better place for women and girls, and what still needs to be done. Check out their awesome announcement video and learn a bit about who they are here.

The 25x25’s aim? To shake things up. Throughout the year, these talented, diverse and energetic youth leaders will be taking action, collaborating with each other and helping their local communities to stand up and speak out. In November, they will meet again at the ICPD25 Nairobi Summit to set out their vision for the next 25 years to inspire policy makers to take action, by declaring to the world what needs to be done to create that world where SheDecides. Without question.

Check out this interview that some of 25 did for local media whilst in Nepal.