When she

The world is better, stronger, safer.

She decides whether, when, and with whom.

To have sex.

To fall in love.

To marry.

To have children.

She has the right.

To information, to health care, to choose.

She is free.

To feel pleasure.

To use contraception.

To access abortion safely.

To decide.

Free from pressure.

Free from harm.

Free from judgement and fear.

Because when others decide for her, she

faces violence, forced marriage, oppression.

She faces risks to her health, to her dignity,

to her dreams, to her life.

When she does not decide, she cannot create the life she deserves,

the family she wants, a prosperous future to call her own.

We - and you, and he, and they - are uniting. Standing together with her so she can make the decisions only she should make.

Political leadership and social momentum are coming together like never before.

But we can go further, and we can do more.

From today, we fight against the fear.

We right the wrongs.

We mobilise political and financial support.

We work to make laws and policies just.

We stand up for what is right.

Together, we create the world that

is better, stronger, safer.

But only if. And only when.

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