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Access to contraception. Comprehensive sexuality education. Safe & legal abortion. The list goes on, but what does SRHR start with for you?

Get creative. Tell your story through a zine.

In expressing yourself through a ‘zine’, we’ll be able to see, and hear, your thoughts on Youth SRHR.

This will enable us to collect and unite youth voices on SRHR, giving world-leaders and decision-makers access to hear straight from the youth of today.

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Young people aren’t just “the future”. They’re the NOW.

We need access to youth friendly sexual and reproductive health today, to access the future we deserve tomorrow.

Without us, there is no future.

Without sexual health, there is no health.

Without reproductive rights, there is no equality.

Without investment and change in Youth SRHR, there is nothing to protect and educate young people on the issues they face now, and to come.

Together across generations with leaders and champions, we are taking action for our health, rights and lives. 

The goal is a better future, and it starts with Youth SRHR, it starts with young people and it starts now.

Amplifying young voices at the ICPD+30 Youth Dialogue.

SheDecides will be supporting the UNFPA ICPD+30 Youth Dialogue taking place on 4 and 5 April, in Benin.

Join us as we celebrate the vital impact of youth SRHR, ensuring health and human rights for all.  Spotlighting inspiring youth leaders and decision-makers from across the world.

  • SheDecides Concurrent Session: "Generation Choice: Together for Bodily Autonomy." Thursday 4 April, 11-12.30pm
  • "Youth SRHR Starts With…" creative zine making workshop, networking zone.
ICPD 30 International Conference on Population and Development
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Why Youth SRHR? Why Now?

Bodily autonomy for all young people is one of the three focus areas outlined in SheDecides new Strategic Plan, alongside abortion rights and comprehensive sexuality education. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), which will provide our community with an opportunity…

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How Is Comprehensive Sexuality Education A Missing Link To Promoting Positive Gender Norms?

From the rise of misogynistic influencers online to growing restrictions on girls’ rights to education, harmful gender norms are impacting communities across the globe. So, how can the most persistent harmful norms be tackled and how can community and faith leaders support these efforts? We spoke with Kalpana Rai, a gender expert…

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Art Activism! Zine Making Workshop at the ICPD30 Global Youth Dialogue

SheDecides hosted two zine making workshops during the conference. The creative session provided a space for delegates to express what youth srhr means to them through the creation of zines.

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