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SheDecides Around the World

SheDecides is a truly global movement, with Friends, organisers and Champions taking action in 60+ countries.

In the four years since SheDecides was sparked, it has evolved into a global movement that is made up of a network of approximately 10,000 Friends who have signed the SheDecides Manifesto, with a wider network of 100,000 engaged in campaigns.

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SheDecides works to bring together diverse people to Stand Up, Speak Out in collective action to set the terms of debate, and framing of the discussion, about their bodies and health. Around the world there are organisers who are making real change happen – building new narratives; bringing new people into the struggle for bodily autonomy; and disrupting traditional systems and spaces of power.

If you’re interested in learning more about action taking place in your country, or you want to know more about organising, get in touch with us on info@shedecides.com.