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Art Activism! Zine Making Workshop at the ICPD30 Global Youth Dialogue

10th April 2024

We are making a zine collection about young peoples’ sexual reproductive health and rights to share our hopes and visions for the future of youth SRHR!

Last week, young people from over 130 countries convened in Benin for the ICPD30 Global Youth Dialogue, under the theme of "A New Generations' Vision for the Future. 

The UNFPA conference, cohosted by The Governments of Benin, The Kingdom of The Netherlands and Denmark, marks 30 years since the ICPD, where world leaders agreed to take concrete action to put sexual and reproductive health and rights at the core of sustainable development.

The Youth Dialogue provided an opportunity to review progress made, and assess what more must be done to address shortfalls in implementation including the barriers that young people face when seeking comprehensive healthcare and information.

Amplifying youth voices: Zine Making Workshop

As part of the conference, SheDecides hosted two zine making workshops. The creative session provided a space for conference delegates to express what youth srhr means to them through the creation of zines - prouncouced "zeen"- a self published booklet originating through letter-writing, and people sharing information with each other about things they were passionate about.

Responding to the statement "Youth SRHR starts with.." participants used craft materials, stickers, words and cut-outs from magazines to create beautiful collages that highlighted the issues that matter most to them.  In total, over 30 zines were created, highlighting a range of issues related to young people's srhr including access to safe abortion services as essential healthcare, the importance of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and the need to increase funding for young people's srhr.

Open Call For Submissions

Now, we are asking young people who could not attend the conference to contribute to the zine, by creating and sharing their own zines at home and uploading them via the SheDecides Youth SRHR webpage.

The zines will be collected and compiled to create one united zine on Youth SRHR which will be taken to the United Nations for CPD in New York, and shared with decision makers. 

Check out the pics from the zine making workshop in Benin below!