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Ensuring access to safe abortion and opening safe spaces for LBTQ+ women* and adolescents to connect and talk about their sexuality during lockdown in Mexico.

22nd June 2020

Location: Mexico City, CDMX, MÃxico

To provide support and safe spaces to LBTQ+ women during lockdown, we opened a virtual movie club as well as a sapphic reflection circle in which we connect and talk about our concerns regarding sexuality, using movies and questions as catalysts. We've started a blog for teenagers and youth to write and share their doubts, emotions and experiences regarding sexuality, in hopes that their contributions will help others who might find themselves in similar situations.While ensuring access to safe abortion, we've found more obstacles than usual because of lockdown and social distancing measures taken across the country. These obstacles have caused an important raise in our expenses, which is why we had to start a crowdfunding campaign to help us close that breach.

Balance is a progressive feminist organization that contributes to the construction of an enabling environment for autonomous decision-making on sexuality. We provide tools and accompaniment to women* and adolescents, to trigger processes of critical reflection recognizing sexuality as a source of well-being. We trust in the collective power to transform the context.

Due to social and political contexts in our countries, we might find ourselves working a little too hard, spending a little too much time at work. So we want to ask you to take a moment and think about your work: how important it is, and how through it, youre making the change you want to see in the world. So donate forget to take care of yourself: treat yourself to nourishing meals, take time off social media, spend -virtual- time with your loved ones, and donate forget to take pleasure on the little things in your life. Dance, laugh, masturbate, walk your dog...Re-claiming pleasure is also a way to resist and tell the world that were not stopping until this system changes.

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