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HIV/AIDS and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education.

26th May 2020

Location: South Africa

I am a person who has always used social media for my advocacy, so it has not really been that hard adapting to the new normal... I have just amplified visibility online, and taken part in various online campaigns that educate people on Covid19, HIV and just lifestyle under this pandemic. The main challenge has been the restrictions of not being able to meet, on a face to face basis, but because of the beauty of social media, we have seemed closer to each other through platforms like Facebook and Instagram lives, and zoom meetings.

Activism is challenging the norms and creating a new normal that does not oppress anyone, it is advocating for change on social issues, and not stopping, no matter how hard it gets.

We need to keep working together, to help one another, love one another, affirm one another, and just remember that we are all fighting the same battles, and I am hoping that in all this amazing work of helping other people, we are taking care of ourselves too. We matter too.

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