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Supporting Survivors of Violence During the COVID-19 Pandemic

27th May 2020

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

The pandemic has given me the opportunity to explore different methods of activism. Quarantine has allowed me to work with organizations across the nation and globe through online platforms such as zoom.One challenge that I have faced during quarantine has been identifying best practices to reach vulnerable individuals and communities who may not have access to the internet.

Most of my advocacy work revolves around ending gender-based violence. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a global surge in domestic violence. During quarantine, I have created different initiatives to provide resources and supports to women facing violence across my community and nation.Two initiatives I created during the pandemic include:1) “The My Empowerment (ME) Platform”, which is a web application that will provide educational information (e.g., what gender-based violence is, why it occurs, etc.), resources for women and girls facing violence (e.g., medical, legal, and safety planning resources), and resources/tools for other vulnerabilities women facing violence may experience (e.g., online/text-only crises lines, how to keep themselves safe within a shelter during the pandemic, and sexual and reproductive health resources).2) “Triple E (Everyday Essential Express) Delivery” is an initiative that provides contactless delivery of basic necessities (e.g., groceries, hygiene products, clothing, etc.) to local domestic violence shelters across Ottawa, Canada through Instacart, an online grocery delivery and pick-up service.

COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life and has amplified the inequalities that occur within society (gender, socioeconomic status, etc.). However, the pandemic has also given us a unique opportunity to reflect and revise our global strategy to ensure that we can achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. There has been a lot of discussion about what the #NewNormal is going to look like. I am confident that if we, as a global society, come together with the energy and passion for advocating for the rights of women and girls worldwide, we can ensure that the #NewNormal is one where #SheDecides about her body, life and future

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