This SheDecides Day we celebrate five years of the movement that brings together international and national commitment and action, so that we progress towards a world where SheDecides.

#SheDecidesHerFuture is a celebration of our global community and all we have achieved together - different commitments to and political action on sexual and reproductive health and rights and bodily autonomy - highlighting the progress made to turn our shared vision into reality.

she decides her future

Global commitment connects the movement

Governments, civil society leaders and activists are champions committed to our shared vision of a world where women, girls and young people can decide about their bodies and lives, so that they can face challenges - of Covid, curbs on rights and climate change - and control their own future. From global platforms for commitment to gender equality, to national pledges of support for SRHR, and community organising to strategise and plan together, these commitments drive our action.

Political action drives us forwards

Our global collective voice is bold. We stand up for what is right and speak out loudly for the change we want to see. Our political movement brings together a diverse range of people who each have their own experiences of and perspectives on bodily autonomy.

With this global view, we connect and convene our global and national communities - for political action and advocacy on abortion rights, and all women and young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. We support and rally our peers - whether parliamentarians or community activists - with messages that spur others to action. We we raise our joint voices as leaders in spaces of power to push for change.

Progress so #SheDecidesHerFuture

We're going through tough times. The combined challenges of Covid-19, rise of conservative and regressive forces, de-prioritisation of financial support, curbs on activists' and women's rights, the shrinking civic and democratic space, and the unequal gendered impact of climate change where gender equality is already challenged, mean that progress on SRHR and bodily autonomy is hard won.

We celebrate each step forward and the amazing collective work behind them, as every one brings us closer to a world where #SheDecidesHerFuture.

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Join us!

On 2 March, use social media to post your own story of commitment, action or progress so #SheDecidesHerFuture.

You might be organising peer-led comprehensive sexuality education in your community. You might be part of a group advocating for policy change on abortion. You might be using social media to bust myths and misconceptions about sexual orientation or gender identity. Or you could just be starting on your journey of activism. Whatever the action or commitment, we want to celebrate it!

Share your story!

  • Download the #SheDecidesHerFuture poster, use this social media card, or edit these social media graphics to create and share your own story of your commitment to, action for, or progress towards bodily autonomy - whether it's work you've done or are doing, or global achievements you want to celebrate.

  • Don't forget to tag @SheDecidesGFI, use #SheDecidesHerFuture,

  • And tag others who you think are doing great work for bodily autonomy!

  • Download the toolkit for more information and assets to join the #SheDecidesHerFuture conversation!

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