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Covid-19 rights for women

1. Background

Overview of IPPF & SheDecides

IPPF is a global service provider and a leader advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for all. IPPF provides SRHR services in 172 countries and runs approximately 65,000 service points worldwide. It seeks to influence governments and other key decision-making bodies to make policy and legislative changes that support or defend SRHR. IPPF also conducts a range of education, awareness and empowerment programmes that supports its key mandate of SRHR for all.

SheDecides is a global political movement driving change, fuelled by actions in communities, with young people at its heart. The movement was born in January 2017 and has fast evolved over the last 3 years. It works under three priority areas: Stand Up Speak Out, Change the Rules and Unlock Resources. The SheDecides Support Unit (SDSU) serves as secretariat to the global SheDecides movement, under the governance of the Guiding Group of SheDecides Champions, and the leadership of the Lead. The SDSU is hosted by the IPPF Central Office. It is an autonomous entity with its own strategy (2019-2021), budget and governance structure.

Overview of Engagement

SheDecides was sparked in early 2017 as an immediate response to the reinstatement and expansion of the Mexico City Policy by the US Administration under President Trump. Three years after the reinstatement of the policy, commonly referred to as the Global Gag Rule, women and girls around the world have continued to pay the price, with restrictions imposed that limit their right to decide over their bodies, their lives and their future.

As a reaction the SheDecides movement raised $453 million to reduce the impact of the regressive policy and pledged these resources towards organisations and initiatives to make sure that essential programmes and services were able to continue. The SheDecides movement would like to highlight the impact of these SheDecides pledges through different storytelling mediums shedding light on the inspiring young leaders, community initiatives and programmes that continue to provide life-saving services and information to women and girls that were most impacted by the Global Gag Rule.

A contractor (or team of contractors) is required to support the SDSU in capturing these ‘Stories of Change’ in a format that engages and motivates people into action.

The key deliverables for this project, to translate a story-line/ script into a powerful and captivating short animation, between 2 - 2.5 minutes in duration.

To apply, please submit the following;

Proposal (1-2 pages) explaining previous relevant experience, including:

  • Approach and timeline
  • Detailed experience, including samples, of prior animation/ visual storytelling development.
  • Detailed budget [including consultancy fees and all expenses relating to animation design [including voice-over(s), sound-effects and music].
  • CVs of all consultants for project

Please send the application by 14 May 2020 to;

Lewis Emmerton, Policy Advisor (

Subject Line: Stories of Change

Please see attached TOR for more information.

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