What is the SheDecides Movement


Do you want a world where every girl and woman can decide what to do with her body, with her life and with her future?


What we

SheDecides is a global political movement driving change for bodily autonomy, fuelled by actions in communities, with young people at its heart.

The movement is made up of people who together are committed to organising their people and networks to take collective action by Standing Up and Speaking Out for bodily autonomy.

We are united by the belief in the right of every girl and every woman, everywhere, to make the decisions only she should make. This means that women and girls, in all their diversity, have access to information about their bodies and rights, have the agency to act on those rights to make decisions, and have access to the services that support those decisions.

We are committed to a world where SheDecides. Without question.

Taking action:
Standing Up and
Speaking Out

Working together, we advance the fundamental right of girls and women everywhere to enjoy their bodies, to make their own choices, to have access to comprehensive sexuality education and the full range of quality care that unite all parts of her sexual and reproductive life and health.

We see a world where every girl and woman can exercise her right to privacy, gender identity, choosing partners, pleasure, marriage, children - and freely and safely access integrated services covering contraception, pregnancy, abortion, infertility, STIs, HIV, cancers and violence. We see a world where forced marriages, child marriages, female genital mutilation / cutting, and all forms of violence against women and girls are a thing of the past.

SheDecides works to make this world a reality by bringing together diverse people to Stand Up, Speak Out in collective action. Through this action, together we set the terms of debate, and framing of the discussion, about our bodies and health.

Together, we:

  • Build new narratives, by creating brave and inclusive spaces where women and girls share views and feelings about their bodies, relationships and health and start to understand their personal experiences in a political context. This can help them recognise their own power, address stigma, challenge shame and to shape their own narratives
  • Bring new people into the struggle for bodily autonomy, by organising people and movements who are inspired to act on bodily autonomy issues. This coming together can create opportunities for a shared understanding of power dynamics, the building of collective power and the planning of contextually relevant, politically informed collective action
  • Disrupt spaces of power, by taking action. This action creates and tells alternative and counter narratives, engages new people, occupies and disrupts spaces of power. It creates a space for people to stand up together in moments of solidarity

This brings about a new normal that influences policy, public discourse and power dynamics, so that women and girls set the terms of debate about their bodies, lives and future.

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SheDecides empowers politicians, organisations, creatives and people – especially young people – across the world to work together in new ways to create a new normal.

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Working together we will advance the right of girls and women everywhere to decide

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