Art is a powerful tool for change. It connects the personal with the political and provides a unique way to bring people together. It ignites discussion over complex issues and helps change perspectives, narratives and norms.

Join SheDecides activists from across the globe as we use art and creative expression to speak out and organize. To think, feel, connect and find new ways to take-action for access to safe abortion, and the right to decide.

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International Safe Abortion Day

September 28th is a global moment where activists around the world unite to demand universal access to safe and legal abortion, led by the International Campaign for Women’s Access to Safe Abortion. 

Starting on International Safe Abortion Day, SheDecides activists around the world will take action together to ignite a global campaign of activity and dialogue, building momentum ahead of SheDecides Day in March 2021.


Around the world we can see the gendered-impact of  Covid-19. From overloaded health systems, reallocation of funding and resources, shortages of medical supplies to lockdowns, and social distancing. The pandemic is adversely affecting women and girls. It is further restricting their right to decide about their bodies, lives and futures. Ensuring access to safe abortion services and the right to decide has never been so urgent. Now more than ever, we need to stand up, speak out and shout #WhyAbortionWhyNow

Action #1: Get loud on Social Media

Use social media to engage others and raise awareness. Download this Social Media Pack full of assets and templates to help amplify your activity. It also includes data on every country to help you build your message. Remember to always use #WhyAbortionWhyNow and tag @SheDecidesGFI in your posts.

Action #2: Alert the Media

Reach out and alert your local and national media to crowd in supporters and make the most noise possible about #WhyAbortionWhyNow. Download this Press Pack

Write a blog post to highlight why abortion matters and why it matters now. You can do it as a single author or as a joint article with other activists. Share your views by emailing

Action #3: Add a film, Watch a film or Organize a Film Circle

We are building the largest, most diverse list of Films on Abortion Rights out there. Gathering diverse perspectives and sensibilities from around the world – no film will be left behind. You can add a film, watch a film or organize a Film Circle.

Action #4: Make a paper poster for your window

Get creative and make a poster to display in your home or office window by following these 3 easy steps:

1) Take a piece of paper; 2) Draw around the contour of your hand with a green pen; 3) Add #WhyAbortionWhyNow and stick it to your window.

Or download this ready-made Poster for your window.

Action #5: Organize an Open Mic

If there isn't a SheDecides Movement in your country yet, then organising an Open Mic is a great first step to establishing one. It can be a good starting point to grow your network of SheDecides activists for future action.

Interested in organising? Check out this SheDecides Open Mic Guide for some tips on how to do it.

Interested in attending? Head over to the ArtsForAbortionRights map below to check if there’s an Open Mic near you.

Action #6: Organize an Open House

A SheDecides Open House is a space for existing SheDecides Movements to open their doors and invite people to join using artistic expression with #WhyAbortionWhyNow as the rallying cry.

Interested in organising? If you're already part of an established SheDecides Movement then check out this SheDecides Open House Guide and connect with your Regional Movement Builder Advisor from the SheDecides Support Unit for more information.

Interested in attending? If you're new to SheDecides head over to the ArtsForAbortionRights map to see if an Open House is happening near you.

Action #7: @ Your Gov

Take Action with the International Campaign: Join activists around the world campaigning for safe and legal abortion:

  1. Choose which ministry, minister, or other key decision-makers you wish to target via Twitter;
  2. Tag (@) the relevant account with your demand for ensuring access safe abortion in your country or region;
  3. Make sure you include one of the dedicated hashtags in your tweet: #28Sept #IManageMyAbortion and #WhyAbortionWhyNow;
  4. (Optional) reply to your own tweet with a request for a formal statement from your government on 28 September 2020.

For further information, visit here. You can find out more about the Abortion laws in your country on the Global Abortion Policies database

Action #8: DIY Abortion Face Mask

Customize your face mask in support of #WhyAbortionWhyNow with this video tutorial

Tips and Tricks for Gathering Online

Need support with how to gather online? Read these simple tips and tricks for guidance. In person gatherings should only be organized if they are in line with your country's social distancing guidelines.

Download the full ArtsForAbortionRights Toolkit

SheDecides ArtsForAbortionRights Toolkit is packed with useful information, guidance and ideas to help you plan and participate before, during and after International Safe Abortion Day.

Join an ArtsForAbortionRights Event

See if there is an ArtsForAbortionRights event happening near you using the ArtsForAbortionRights Event Map.

Click on the icons to learn more and how to get involved.