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Call for Collaborative Action on GBV!

10th December 2021

In an event to mark the 16 Days of Activism, youth activists from IPPF ESEAOR, SheDecides and FRIDA Fund came together to demand collaborative action to end Gender-Based Violence in the Asia Pacific region.

The young feminists brought their lived experience and knowledge of gender-based violence in their communities to discuss how to empower girls, women and non-binary people to lead the fight to eliminate gender-based violence.

The dialogue highlighted the urgent need to meaningfully engage young people in key decision-making processes. The panelists eloquently discussed the value of intergenerational collaboration, making clear calls for active accountability mechanisms, and engaging young people in these policy and civic spaces to demand equality.

Moderated by SheDecides Guiding Group Vice-Chair Jona Claire Turalde, the discussion included panelists from SheDecides Phillipines, CIFWA, Jaringan Muda Melawan Kekerasan Seksual (Youth Network Against Sexual Violence), and Frida Fund.

Sabina Omengan, communications focal person for SheDecides Philippines said: "“Educating the youth for the emancipation of systemic oppression, which also aims to make youth the leader of movements. In SheDecides, youth volunteers from all backgrounds conduct peer-to-peer learning and share their different contexts/ experiences.”

Hereiti File has been a Youth Volunteer of CIFWA since age thirteen and a current member of the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program (starting in 2020).

“GBV impact on marginalized groups is different (based on location, socio-economic class, etc.), there are many layers to the discrimination that people face. Young People should be included in the planning and implementation of GBV programs not just in the delivery, if we want to make a true change we need to include all groups especially the marginalized groups.”

Tyas Widuri is a member of Jaringan Muda Melawan Kekerasan Seksual (Youth Network Against Sexual Violence) | FRIDA FUND.

“‘DON’T WAIT, DON’T HESITATE’ - their journey, the grassroots movements that were active before any national regulation, difficult to advocate for supportive policies. It is required to introduce sensitization and awareness on sexual harassment, access to support and care that is non-discriminatory, private and confidential.”

Zahrah Rizwan is an Advisor of the Asia Pacific Committee of FRIDA:

“The importance of research on GBV has been increased following the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The youth activists should focus on the promotion of multi-country research work, coalition building and mapping out grant partners who support feminist initiatives”.