Champions, standing up and leading the way

All over the world, people are standing up to say SheDecides

Champions are individuals - some representing countries and organisations - who act alone and together to propel us toward a reality where every girl and every woman has power over her body. Without question.

Champions stand up, speak out. They change laws and policies. They help unlock resources and push to create a new normal. They educate, they advocate and they open paths for others to do the same.

Below is the growing list of Champions, who are bold in pushing for real change for girls and women around the world.

Maryam Monsef

Minister of International Development & for Women and Gender Equality, Canada

Patrick Mwesigye

Founder and Executive Director, Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF)

Peter Eriksson

Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden

Rasmus Prehn

Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark; SheDecides Guiding Group

Senait Fisseha

Director of International Programmes, Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation

Sigrid Kaag

Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, the Netherlands

Tamara Kreinin

Director, Population and Reproductive Health at David and Lucile Packard Foundation