Standing Up & Speaking Out
Building Vibrant Movements

SheDecides to speak out

The Power in Standing Up and Speaking Out
Building Vibrant movements

SheDecides ran a lively breakfast session on the power of movement building and collectively taking action, moderated by Naisola Likimani, Lead of the SheDecides Support Unit. Even with the early start there was high attendance and an audience that eagerly engaged with what the panellists had to say.

SheDecides Champion Patrick Mwesigye kicked things off by speaking about the vibrant SheDecides movement in Uganda, and the ways in which it brings people together, building a platform for Ugandan women, girls and young people to voice the challenges they face and identify what needs to be done to ensure everyone enjoys the right to bodily autonomy and choice.

Sabina Pokhrel, the 25x25 from Nepal, spoke about Right Here Right Now and the innovative and engaging ways that this youth-led coalition informs public opinion in Nepal, including by working with celebrities to challenge the fear and stigma over her right to decide.

Sanjana Gaind spoke about CREA’s inclusivity of women and gender diverse groups, particularly noting the organisation’s advocacy for and inclusion of sex workers’ rights. Sanjana poignantly stated the foundation of CREA’s work is to ask, “who is a woman?” before designing their movement building initiatives.

Dinah Musindarwezo spoke about the need for global collaboration to further women’s rights and bodily autonomy. She noted that at WomanKind Worldwide they acknowledge the privilege of being based in the Global North and effectively use it as a basis for their partner based approach, working with local organisations around the world.

SheDecides to speak out
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