Comprehensive Sexuality Education for gender equality

The evidence is clear – Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) leads to increased gender equality and positive health outcomes for young people.

SheDecides works to ensure that young people have access to quality education and information about their health, bodies, sexuality and relationships, without stigma or shame.

CSE: A Missing Piece 
Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is a missing piece in achieving gender equality for all. It equips young people with the foundational skills they need to decide about their health and well-being and it builds knowledge, attitudes and values for healthy, respectful and gender equal relationships.

Created in partnership with the Global Partnership Forum on CSE, this campaign and its assets can support you as you communicate the important links between CSE and gender equality.

In the news! Global support for Comprehensive Sexuality Education

14 Ministers from 10 countries plus 40 leading health & gender equality experts from across the world signed the joint SheDecides statement in support of Comprehensive Sexuality Education and its vital role in building a gender equal world for all. 

Published in global media outlet Al Jazeera, the joint statement calls for governments to invest more in CSE as key to reaching global goals on gender equality and health.

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SheDecides hosts CSE roundtable at UNGA

SheDecides co-hosted a high-level roundtable on CSE in New York, ahead of the Transforming Education Summit. The event highlighted political leadership on CSE, with examples of progress and best practice from Rwanda, Argentina, Namibia, SheDecides Champions and young people.

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The Global Partnership Forum on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

SheDecides is part of the Global Partnership Forum on Comprehensive Sexuality Education (coordinated by UNESCO/UNFPA and WHO). The forum mobilises leaders and experts around political opportunities to speak out for CSE.

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Champions working on CSE

Patrick Mwesigye

Founder and Executive Director of the Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF)


Memory Zonde-Kachambwa, Executive Director and Chair of Guiding Group


Sivananthi Thanenthiran


Alvaro Bermejo, Director General