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New Champions commit so #SheDecidesHerFuture

2nd March 2022

This SheDecides Day our new SheDecides Champions - individuals and representatives of institutions - are committing to action so #SheDecidesHerFuture.

Hear more from them below.

Matilda Ernkrans

Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden

"Being a SheDecides Champion is to stand up and speak out for every person’s right to decide freely over their own body. I am proud to be Sweden’s new Champion.

Sweden is fully committed – politically and financially – to ensuring sexual and reproductive health and rights for all. Strong words must be backed up by substantial and flexible funding. Sweden is providing both to UNFPA and UN Women so that #SheDecidesHerFuture."




Lindiwe Zulu

Minister of Social Development, South Africa

"As a new SheDecides Champion I look forward to working with all other like-minded Champions and parters across the globe, to stand up and speak out for policies and programmes that are responsive to women and girls' lived experiences."


Ndiilokelwa Nthengwe

Co-founder, Voices for Choices and Rights Coalition, Namibia

"As a new SheDecides Champion I commit to expanding and intensifying my lens of intersectionality for women, sexual, gender and sex minorities with intersecting vulnerabilities affecting their socio-political and economic development so #SheDecidesHerFuture."




Dayna Ash

Executive Director, Haven for Artists, Lebanon

"As a new SheDecides Champion, I commit to transnational solidarity and implementing intersectional feminist principles in our fight for bodily autonomy and agency. We must stand up and speak out against all forms of gender-based violence, and the systems that enable them, varying from capitalism to colonialism. No matter the time, place or context, #SheDecidesHerFuture."


Richine Masengo

Executive Director, Si Jeunesse Savait (Mwasi) Association, Democratic Republic of the Congo

"As a new SheDecides Champion, I will stand up and speak out for the rights of women and girls throughout my community and the world by advocating for their reproductive justice rights and specifically access to comprehensive safe abortion services, access to social and economic justice, respect and the right to enjoy their sexual orientation, gender expression and identity to create a world where they decide for themselves what their future will be. So #SheDecidesHerFuture."




Mary Ann Lumsden

Chief Executive, FIGO

"As a new SheDecides Champion and Chief Executive of FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics), I commit to the implementation of global projects on women’s health issues, so that women and girls all over the world have the highest possible standards of physical, mental, reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing throughout their lives. #SheDecidesHerFuture"

Maria Antonieta Alcalde

Director for Central America and Mexico, Ipas

"As a new SheDecides Champion I look forward joining forces with other champions to advance abortion rights and reproductive justice everywhere, especially in Latin America, ensuring a meaningful youth participation so that #SheDecidesHerFuture."