Dayna Ash

Executive Director, Haven for Artists, Lebanon

"As a new SheDecides Champion, I commit to transnational solidarity and implementing intersectional feminist principles in our fight for bodily autonomy and agency. We must stand up and speak out against all forms of gender-based violence, and the systems that enable them, varying from capitalism to colonialism. No matter the time, place or context, #SheDecidesHerFuture."

Dayna Ash

About Dayna

Dayna Ash is a cultural and social activist, writer, and the founder and Executive Director of Haven for Artists, an unapologetic feminist cultural organisation working at the intersection of art and activism based in Beirut, Lebanon. 

Dayna was named one of the BBC's 100 Most Inspirational Women in 2019, awarded by the Woman of Distinction Award in 2020 by the NGO Committee on the Status of Women, and Leader in LGBT Health Equity Award from the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health in 2021 for advancing LGBTQI+ well being in Lebanon.

Dayna is currently a lead member of the Yalla Care LGBTQI coalition  grouping together 8 organizations, and serves on the Artist Changemaker Advisory Council for the Global Fund for Women, and is a Selection Committee Member for The Doria Feminist Fund.


Haven for Artists

Haven for Artists is a cultural feminist organization (NGO) based in Beirut, Lebanon, working at the intersection of art and activism. Haven combines creative and humanitarian methods to facilitate a safe space for the exchange of knowledge, tools, and skills in-order to create a more just world.