Abortion rights for everyone,

Access to safe legal abortion care is a human right. No one should be forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term; and no person should die due to unsafe abortion, pregnancy or childbirth.

In today's political climate, it’s more important than ever to stand united in support of abortion rights and maintain pressure on the political agenda to keep abortion rights a priority.

Our network and Champions push for progressive change and work to de-stigmatise abortion by changing laws and policies, fostering inclusive dialogue and public education and services, without shame.


Raising the Urgency of Abortion Rights on the International Stage.

SheDecides hosted the only dedicated abortion focussed event at UNGA, in partnership with the Government of Sweden.

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Rise up for abortion rights International Safe Abortion Day Campaign 2022

During tough times, we have to keep rising up, speaking out and taking action until every person, everywhere has the right to make their own decisions about their body, life and future.

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Statement from the SheDecides movement: Roe v Wade

The United States Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v Wade and roll back 50 years of safe abortion access and care is a catastrophic blow that will impact the lives of millions of women and girls.

With 26 states likely to ban abortion over the coming weeks, access to abortion services will be severely restricted.

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Relevant blogs

Government leaders, it’s time: speak out for the right to decide

13th September 2022

By Lindiwe Zulu, Minister for Social Development, South Africa and Meryame Kitir, Minister for Development Cooperation and Major Cities Policy, Belgium. 

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The Gag Rule is over — but USAID has work to do to rebuild trust

13th May 2021

Written by Womba-Wuta Wanki, SheDecides Zambia and Executive Director - Generation Alive Zambia.
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17th June 2020

Written by  Tshiamo Wilson, Founder of SheSpoke Organisation and Saidy Brown, SheDecides 25x25 Young Leader
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Champions working on abortion


Mary Ann Lumsden, Chief Executive

Suchitra Dalvie

Co-founder and coordinator of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership

Patrick Mwesigye

Founder and Executive Director of the Uganda Youth and Adolescents Health Forum (UYAHF)


Sivananthi Thanenthiran


Alvaro Bermejo, Director General