How we
drive change

SheDecides brings people together and energises them to Stand Up and Speak Out for her right to decide. The movement breaks down the barriers of technical language and traditional power to boldly claim the space to say: only SheDecides about her body, life and future.

Only SheDecides about her body, life and future

Women and girls do not own the narratives that surround their bodies. Patriarchal systems and conservative forces are pushing to restrict women’s voices and control their bodies.

If girls and women do not have the power to set the terms of debate about their bodies, they cannot decide.

SheDecides believes it is time for girls and women everywhere to Stand Up and Speak Out about their bodies, without shame and without fear.

SheDecides connects diverse people, groups and organisations,

to access the tools they need to Stand Up and Speak Out, to shift power and subvert norms

to create a new way to think, talk and act for bodily autonomy.

A world where SheDecides: the vision to get there

The Story of Self

The Story of Self is a moment of realisation that our personal experiences of sex, health and relationships have been shaped by political choices, social and cultural norms.

SheDecides supports organisers to create brave and inclusive spaces that centre young people who identify as women. In these spaces, they start to discuss their bodies, relationships and health without fear or shame.

Through open, honest and inclusive discussion they start to recognise their personal power and use it to determine a new narrative for themselves.

The Story of Us

The Story of Us is the process of coming together to build narratives that centre the voices of activists, to organise and plan collective action.

SheDecides connects people, groups and organisations to start to build this collective consciousness. Together, they build collective power to plan disruptive action, to work their way around in political contexts, and to reclaim their stories and their bodies.

The Story of Change

The Story of Change is the journey to use these new narratives to challenge public discourses about our bodies.

SheDecides links activists and allies to claim space to Stand Up, Speak Out and tell their stories in a new, powerful language that challenges norms and starts to transform the way our bodies are spoken about.

Together, then, we stand to model a new normal where women and girls Stand Up, Speak Out, and set the terms of the debate, and the framing of the discussion about our bodies.

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Theory of Change here.

Our theory of change

We believe that:


IF there are brave spaces that centre young women and their experiences of sex, relationships and health, which are inclusive and free of fear and shame

AND IF in those spaces through open honest discussion they are awakened to how their personal experiences are shaped by political choices and social and cultural norms, and come to know their rights and believe they’re entitled to them, and recognise their personal power to determine a new narrative for themselves

THEN, for some, it will spark a desire to join with others, to organise and plan to take action together to reclaim their stories, bodies and build collective power.

IF these organisers, collectives, movements and coalitions come together to create alternative and counter-narratives that reframe and reset ideas about their bodies and rights

AND IF they work to inspire others and engage new people, to use their collective power to subvert norms in the spaces of power they’re normally excluded from, or to claim new spaces of power, to challenge and transform the way their bodies are spoken about and stand in moments of solidarity with others

THEN, women and girls will be Standing Up and Speaking Out to set the terms of the debate, and the framing of discussion, about our bodies.

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Medium term outcomes

SheDecides activists understand how political choices and powerful narratives affect their experience and demand to be included in discussions and decisions that affect their lives.

Growing numbers of SheDecides activists come together, promote their narratives, and take collective disruptive action for bodily autonomy.

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Increased constituency of diverse people, groups, movements and institutions who are supportive of bodily autonomy and can respond to threats.

Increased relevant discussions and decision making spaces where women, girls and young people are included and leading.

Issues are in the public and political agenda framed in a supportive way.

Long term outcomes

SheDecides activists develop themselves, build their own narratives and claim their space in shaping their diverse realities.

SheDecides activists join with others to build collective power, plan actions together to reclaim their stories and their bodies, and inspire and engage new people.

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SheDecides disrupts spaces of power and subverts gender norms.

How we drive change infographic
How we drive change infographic

As we work to drive this change, we are committed to upholding the SheDecides values and standards across our movement. To find out more, please read our policies:

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