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The Power of Choice! The world is stronger when SheDecides.

30th October 2018

The evidence is clear: when she decides about her body, when her rights are respected, her health, life and future – and those of her family, community and society - improve. This is at the core of the SheDecides movement, and backed up yet again by the UNFPA’s annual State of the World Population report, entitled: The Power of Choice. The report details findings across the globe pointing to evidence that when people have the power to control their fertility, they are healthier, happier and more likely to contribute positively to the community, the economy and society.

“Choice can change the world. It can rapidly improve the well-being of women and girls, transform families and societies, and accelerate global development,” writes Dr Natalia Kanem - Executive Director of the UNFPA and a passionate supporter of SheDecides - in the report.

“The way forward is the full realisation of reproductive rights, for every individual and couple, no matter where or how they live, or how much they earn. This includes dismantling all the barriers – whether economic, social or institutional – that inhibit free and informed choice.”
We stand with the findings of the report. It is clear that women’s rights and reproductive rights go hand in hand – you cannot resolve one without the other. Read the full report here.