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Welcome to Memory Zonde-Kachambwa, new Chair of  the SheDecides Guiding Group

19th July 2022

We are delighted to welcome Memory Kachambwa, Executive Director of FEMNET, as new Chair the SheDecides Guiding Group. 

Memory is an awe-inspiring pan African feminist and gender and women’s rights activist. She is a dynamic and resourceful leader in movement building and policy advocacy, a cultural thought leader and a skilled feminist strategist. We are looking forward to working with Memory & Jona in their roles as Chair and Vice Chair of the Guiding Group, respectively! 

1) Why are you excited to become the chair of the Guiding Group for SheDecides?

"SheDecides brings together strategic and diverse leaders who are shifting power and making sure that policies, resources, and action on SRHR are realized NOW without question! It is such an honor to be part of such a powerful feminist movement. As Chair of the Guiding Group, it is even more exciting to work with leaders who have committed their time and passion to advance SRHR for all."

2) What are you looking forward to achieving as Chair of the Guiding Group over the next few years 

"SheDecides just launched a new strategy that is intergenerational, clearly articulated, and game-changing. As Chair, I look forward to working with leaders for the achievement of the strategy because the SheDecides movement is needed now more than ever."

3) Why now more than ever, is it important for a movement like SheDecides to stand up against the roll back of rights and opposition to the right to decide?

"SRHR is under attack. The opposition to women's rights to bodily autonomy and integrity is growing stronger and more resourced in comparison to the rate at which women's rights organizations and allies are promoting women's rights and SRHR. We need a strong movement that is BOLD, responsive, resourced and diverse allowing young women and girls in all their diversity to lead, speak, and action solidarity for SRHR. SheDecides is a movement that is catalytic and well positioned to fight back using collective feminist power to bring about hope change and transformation to the realization of sexual and Reproductive rights, Bodily Autonomy and Integrity NOW!"