Protecting Her Right to Decide During Covid-19

We know that at times of crisis women and girls face a disproportionate risk to their dignity, health and body. We also know that a woman’s right to choose is central in creating a world that is better, stronger and safer.

That’s why her right to decide must be at the heart of the response to Covid-19.

Only then will we create a #NewNormal – a world where SheDecides about her body, life and future. Without question.

This is an unprecedented time for all of us.

As governments across the globe work hard to limit the spread of the virus, it’s essential that the response to Covid-19 does not weaken efforts to create a world where SheDecides.

Integrated sexual and reproductive health services covering contraception, pregnancy, abortion, infertility, STIs, HIV, cancers and violence that protect her right to decide must be recognised as essential services. Funding that advances and defends her right to decide must be prioritised and protected.

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Covid-19 rights for women

#SheDecidesNow campaign spotlights activists in the Movement taking action to protect her right to decide during Covid19.

• What is the movement doing now?

• How is activism being adapted now?

• What issues and groups are being ignored now?

How does it work?

Every day the Movement will unite to amplify the work of one activist using #SheDecidesNow. Together we will tell the stories of people working to protect her right to decide during lockdown.


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Covid-19 support for women

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Covid-19 support for women

Message of Solidarity from the SheDecides Support Unit

Our thoughts are with every member of the SheDecides family and the global community as we continue to navigate and confront the evolving global challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic and its impact on our lives.

Friends of the SheDecides movement continue to work to ensure her right to decide is protected and prioritized at this critical time. That every girl and woman can exercise her right to privacy, gender identity, choosing partners, pleasure, marriage, children – and integrated services covering contraception, pregnancy, abortion, infertility, STIs, HIV, cancers and violence.

In such uncertain times, community really matters, especially as many of us are being advised to practice social isolation. Staying safely connected is more important than ever and it has been encouraging to see our global community come together, share resources and support one another.

Covid-19 support for women