Meet the 25x25

Together they bring a remarkable range of perspectives and talents, showing how much has been achieved, and how much more is needed to create that world where SheDecides. Without Question.

They met for the first time in Nepal for SheDecides Day 2019, where they came together to plot out their vision and plans for the year ahead, as the world marks the 25th anniversary of ICPD (the International Conference on Population Development), held in Cairo in 1994. Throughout 2019 the 25x25 will share their ideas and engage in activities in their local communities regionally and globally, inspiring others to take action to live the ambitions set 25 years ago, and advance the rights of women and girls around the world.

At the Nairobi Summit in November 2019, the official celebration of ICPD+25, they will declare their vision for the future - Aspirations 25x25. Keep a look out on this page for updates and make sure to follow the 25x25 on social media!

Meet the 25!

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